Third Eye

For Flute, viola, cello
Eight Strings and a Whistle
Eight Strings and a Whistle
March, 8th 2018
Bronx Community College
Eight Strings & a Whistle
Ocean Sound
  • Program Notes

    Written for Eight Strings and a Whistle, Third Eye represents an inward journey towards self-awakening, awareness, enlightenment and greater spirituality.

    The composition begins with the flute playing a single, long F# (to me, one of the more mystical notes on the flute). The opening rapid solo which flows quickly from the first long note represents a brief ceremonial chant- a willingness to open and seek one’s inner truth to begin such an odyssey.

    The three instruments share similar energy- the viola and cello vibrating wood via bowed or plucked strings, the flute using life breath to vibrate a silver tube.

    Throughout the piece, longer stretches of uneven time signatures and differing lengths of sustained notes enable listeners to experience a feeling of being in the moment without measuring time as we do in the physical plane.

    The music ends much like the opening with a single suspended flute note, this time with a high E. A seventh above the opening tone, the higher E symbolizes the seventh chakra (the crown chakra) which relates to pure consciousness.

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