The Chains of Love, Las Cadenas del Amor

For Mezzo soprano, flute, alto flute, piano
ms,fl, afl,pno
Women in Music, Mujéres en Musica
January, 24th 2018
Bruno Walter Auditorium, NY
Anna Tonna, Pamela Sklar, Laura Falzon, Isabel Pérez Dobbaro
Ocean Sound
  • Program Notes

    Inspired by the poem Las Cadenas del Amor by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the music practically flowed out of my soul when I began writing it. Full of colorful yet chilling darkness with moments of heat, it also displays degrees of light in various prism form, which alternate with an occasional flash.

    The poem seemed to beg me to co-create degrees of range, texture, musical color, intensity and mystery, using mezzo soprano as a vehicle reflected by piano, flute and alto flute.

    Written at the invitation of Anna Tonna for Mujeres en Musica to commemorate the year of both
    Cervantes’s and Shakespeare’s death, writing Las Cadenas del Amor was a work of love.

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