Halloween Twilight

For Flute and vibes
fl, vibes
Eric Katz
October, 27th 2016
WestHab, White PLains, NY
Pam's Pipers
Ocean Sound
  • Program Notes

    Halloween is one of my favorite times, taking place during my favorite month of my favorite season. Just knowing the origin of this 2,000+ year old custom which originated with the Celts, makes me think about the supernatural... and some various mysterious activities (which may be going on at any time). Along with this, the societal permission & encouragement for us to deviate from the (esp.) weekday sartorial convention is very appealing to me. To be free of constraints (think or the noose-tie); to express one's dramatic, weird, bizarre or otherwise quite unusual (and fully creative) side...or self, is fun for me! Twilight, with its texture, color, enchanting lighting & atmosphere, is also my favorite time of day. It is calming, dreamy and transformative for me.

    The vibes represented by the vibes played in this piece are meant to sound unfamiliar & mysterious, ethereal/celestial, soothing. One may not see something different, but one will feel. Something. The flute, more familiar-sounding, is sometimes at odds with the vibes. What do you think this means?

    © Pamela Sklar

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