Green Awakening

For Wind Quintet
Englewinds Ensemble
February, 7th 2019
Teaneck Public Library, NJ
Englewinds Ensemble
  • Program Notes

    Dedicated to and commissioned by Englewinds, Green Awakening musically represents our changing environment. It begins with the present time. We’re experiencing severe weather patterns, floods, fires and ‘mood swings’ including cold, hot, and very windy days. The opening notes feature a minor third followed by a tri-tone, a fourth and other unsettling sounds and intervals played in very low and high registers of the bassoon and flute, respectively. These speak to the ‘mood swings’ of climate change.

    Not much longer than a minute into the composition, the music comes to pause on a major chord. We begin to feel something more positive; a hopeful transition and beginning of green re-growth! Flora and fauna are beginning to grow and thrive. The music is happier one minute later (representing roughly a decade) as plant life is beginning to bloom! What is making this happen? What can we do to help? Well... it can begin with each of us: I can use non-plastic drinking straws and bags, use composting bags for trash. My friends clean up neglected outdoor areas and plant new gardens in poor neighborhoods. Other friends have solar panels installed and do composting. The list of decisions ‘blossoms’, even without political action. I also pick up litter on my daily walk and use a thermos instead of plastic bottles. I am thrilled that today’s premiere of Green Awakening is being performed by the wonderful ensemble Englewinds. Personally, their ecological community involvement and commitment is very inspiring!

    Pamela Sklar