Flavours of Color

For Solo flute
  • Program Notes

    Written for a Fifteen Minutes of Fame competition, the one-minute flute solo Flavours of Color was composed quickly (almost in a few minutes!). Influenced at first by a few moments of a synesthetic silvery and blue vision, the music grew rapidly when she felt the energy of the flutist to whom the music was dedicated.

    From Pamela's program notes: Some of my most exciting writing has been inspired by themes, places past and present, and specific people. I composed Flavours of Color for Alisa Anna Alksne and have dedicated this flute solo to her because her passion for learning and playing new flute music is inspiring to me.

    An earlier one-minute composition by Pamela, In a Minute! for violin (doubling bongos) and cello was selected for inclusion in a program of sixty 60-second pieces for a program directed by Robert Voisey, 60x60 at Spectrum, NYC, in 2012.

    Fifteen Minutes of Fame is directed by Robert Voisey, a composer and producer of electroacoustic and chamber music. He founded Vox Novus in 2000 to promote the music of contemporary composers and in 2001 created The American Composer Timeline, the first in-depth listing of American composers, spanning from 1690 to the present, to appear on the Internet.