Dreaming in a Bed of Flowers

For Flute & Piano
Isabel Dobarro and Ruben Torres
Isabel Perez Dobarro
This duo was recently completed. Upcoming performances are being planned for 2024 in Europe.
Ocean Sound
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  • Program Notes

    Dreaming in a Bed of Flowers is meant to highlight the importance of natural habitats for plants - in this case, flowers - in addition to animals and humans. An awareness of the effects of wildlife, natural beauty and the settings of flowers that need air, soil, water, and sunlight for survival and growth is unique when one is surrounded by a garden full of color and frangrance unlike anything else. Roses are legendary for their scent, bright colors & petals, but exotic species including Bird of Paradise, Plumeria and some some cultivars of Amaryllis including Peacock, Pink Floyd and Dancing Queen (love the musical/band names although the flowers were here first) are also said to be very fragrant! To me, different fragrances are dark or light and have different types of shapes. But I have synesthesia... Nonetheless, Dreaming in a Bed of Flowers is about the flute and piano, and what they convey.

    The flute is the dreamer who dreams about moods that different flowers create.

    The piano keys are the flowers, portraying fragrances, color, texture, shape, and details. Flowers seem creative to me. Plants are also affected by music But that's anothet story!

    Different keys and some brief chord changes in this music depict the brevity of some species' lives as well as the heady frangrance that affects our moods with their smell-spell (my description of this phenomenon). Each piano arpeggio is an image of a petal opening up.

    How heady, beautiful and life-affirming might it be to dream in a bed of flowers? How sad and limited would our world be without them?

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Dreaming in a Bed of Flowers

Dreaming in a Bed of Flowers