Carino Piccolo Orologio/Cute Little Clock

For Mandolin, violin, viola, cello
Joyce Balint
Joyce Balint
February, 11th 2018
Oakland, NJ
Joyce Balint, Laurie Hamilton, Francie Silos, Lanny Paykin
Ocean Sound
  • Program Notes

    I love looking at beautiful little timepieces and remember being fascinated long ago by the tiny movements of a small, gilded gold mantel clock with a glass cover.
    This timepiece, with its many precisely moving parts, stills holds my imagination and makes me want to travel back in time to Italy. Thus the Italian title Carino Piccolo Orologio (Cute Little Clock).

    Carino Piccolo Orologio serves as the introductory first movement to Mandolin on the Moon.
    While both movements feature time, this first movement represents an older era and includes segments that represent different parts of the day. The opening describes a beautiful morning in a lovely room with a charming atmosphere. Listen closely to the very beginning- you’ll hear the little clock parts moving together!

    The following section transports you to Venice, where a gondolier glides his boat along the canal. Traveling again, you’ll find yourself walzing through another section. On and on you’ll journey while keeping time with the Cute Little Clock...until it winds down.

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