Flutes With a View, Can We Have a Discussion?

For Two flutes, bass flute
March, 23rd 2014
Hoff-Barthelson Music School, NY
Joseph Piscitelli, Dominique Soucy, Pamela Sklar
Ocean Sound
  • Program Notes

    Flutists love to talk! We also love to play together! Like most people, my flutist colleagues and friends all have something to say! Having a view, visually, can be wonderful (which I hope rings true when others play this piece) but another (point of) view can require sorting out things (who wants to play bass flute?) Rehearsals? Scheduling can get tricky with more than two people, especially with musicians whose schedules frequntly change. Then there are views about programming, content, order, what to include or cut. Many flutists have great points of view about music, musical styles, and programs and this is my tribute to my wonderful flute friends and colleagues. Full disclosure: originally, I imagined having this performed in front of a large window with gorgeous views of flowers, trees, blue sky, and colorful birds. Maybe a deer or two too. The view would be lovely, wouldn't it?

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