At the Twilight

For Mezzo-soprano, tenor, piccolo, alto flute, piano.
M,T,picc,afl,pft Alternate version: fl,bfl,bcl,hn,pft
Ocean Sound
  • Program Notes

    At the Twilight by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (b. 1207)

    This colorfully imaginative, graphic, mystical and powerful poem places one at a unique intersection of imagination, mysticism, one’s soul, the physical plane, human perception, spirituality and the realm of human life in the universe. In addition to the symbolic title, the sixth line “…my body turned as fine as soul” and the last line “the ship of my existence drowned…” depict our physical existence transforming into a vastly different being. As yet in an unseen plane. The rich, mellow-sounding alto flute conveys an opalescent quality of combined light and darkness, while the piccolo outlines bright wisps of ephemeral, evaporating sunlight. The earthly piano grounds us as it represents our planet, full of endless possibilities and experiences, as the tenor and mezzo-soprano voices portray human and spiritual coexistence.

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