A Tune for America (excerpts)

For Flute, bass, drums
April, 21st 2010
Grace Church, White Plains, NY
Christopher Dean Sullivan, Pamela Sklar, Bob Meyer
  • Program Notes

    I have had a lifelong fascination with and great respect for Native American cultures. Their neverending struggles, highly imaginative artistic vision, spirituality, forms of dress, style, customs, belief in animal spirits and their deep respect for & connection with nature and different types of people (orientation, physical impairments) and high regard for their elders inspired me to write A Tune for America (included on the recording of A Native American-Jazz Tribute. Musically the two styles compliment one another; the minor pentatonic scales of their flutes connect well with blues scales, altered notes and varied chord voicings used by great jazz artists.

    (Please note: Sheet music is temporarily unavailable) The recording is available.


  • Please note: Reviews are from the album A Native American-Jazz Tribute. This album includes Eventually - the trio for flute, clarinet and cello.

    – Flute Talk

    "...the listener is transformed to another time and place. ...evocative... hauntingly beautiful... full of colors... excellent. Listeners are treated to a true melting pot of styles including 20th century flute techniques, jazz form, improvisation and Native American melodies and aesthetics… Sklar plays with a singing tone throughout and shows sensitivity and versatility with each combination of instruments."
    – National Flute Association: Flutist Quarterly

    "Pamela Sklar, a God-gifted musician... smooth and soothing to the soul... a collaborator credited for performing with many artists and contributing her spectacular soundtracks to various films, jingles. A different and unique style of music... sultry... peaceful. Her rare sound is a story teller. Astounding... awesome talent."
    – Smooth Jazz Magazine

    "...very listenable music that straddles world music and jazz. Flutist Pamela Sklar has produced this album which puts together Native American musical styles and jazz that have engaged her imagination and soul. She improvises on various sorts of flutes. I especially liked Wood Spirit, for flute, violin and cello. A portion of the proceeds goes to a charity which serves over 75 reservations around the US"
    – John Henry, Audiophile Audition


A Tune For America by Pamela Sklar, with Christopher Dean Sullivan, bass; Bob Meyer, drums.