Recent and Upcoming Performances of Pam's Compositions

Following the recent and exciting August premiere of Pam's new trio Renaissance Tales and a Playful Joust (oboe and two English horns) played by Threeds in Lake George, this trio has twice recorded two other works by Pam (on Threeds' 2nd album Pallette and Pam's second album Silver Pharaoh).

Upcoming performances of Pam's commissioned compositions include her Two Journeys/Third Eye & The Inward Journey which will be co-featured by Eight Strings & a Whistle (flute, viola, cello) at the Greenburgh Public Library, NY, on October 8th. This will be the ensemble's eighth (ninth?) performance of these works. As well, they can be heard on 8SW's recording "...and Nothing Remains the Same..."

Pam's high-powered new work Down the Rabbit Hole (flute/picc, bass clarinet, piano) will be premiered by Palisades Virtuosi in Ridgewood, New Jersey on Nov 5th. This expressive and dynamic trio is perfect for this piece!

A new flute and piano composition - Dreaming in a Bed of Flowers was just completed yesterday!


* Photo of Threeds: Katie Scheele/English horn, Pam, Kathy Halvorson/oboe, Mark Snyder, English horn *

Eight Strings & a Whistle: Suzanne Gilchrest/flute, Ina Litera/viola, Matt Goeke/cello.

Palisades Virtuosi: Margaret Swinchoski/flute & picc, Don Mokrynski/ bass clarinet, Ron Levy/piano.