2020 Grant Award for Words into Music Awarded by ArtsWestchester Mount Vernon Arts Initiative

Pamela Sklar, flutist • 11/27/2019

This grant project is very close to my musical and spiritual heart. I like to bring people together with music and I look at this project as a kind of experiment; do people respond the same way to peaceful-sounding, energetic or sad-sounding music? I'm not sure. But I do know that it's possible to bridge differences such as cultural, religious, even political and generational differences, to some degree, between us through music. Especially through live music! Imagine a shared experience comprised of one group of people from very different backgrounds, varying household realities and situations, listening to a live performance together. Hearing sounds and seeing instruments that may not be familiar at all to some listeners, but the sounds and quality and the content of the musically shared time together will reach each and everyone listening to a performance at the same time! Live music old and new connects us to our heart, soul, psyche and mood.

My project Words into Music attempts to do exactly that- bring people together. Regardless of our differences. Through music for all people, listening together to the same music performance, in one shared community, partaking in a meaningful experience. I aim to foster respect among us all, to appreciate our diferences and to recognize what we share.

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