Angels in the Chamber

Angels in the Chamber; Garry Novikoff piano/guitar/vocals; Pamela Sklar, flute/alto flute; Enid Blount Press, clarinet/bass clarinet; Marc Wager, horn. Prog rock pop classical improvisational music.

Intuition Quartet

Showcasing improvised solos ranging from mellow to fearless by the flute & harmonica, Intuition Quartet performs vocals and instrumentals of originals, blues, bossa nova, light jazz, r&b and pop. Intuition members Irene Maher, guitar/lead vocals; Pam Sklar, flute; Hope Berkeley, harmonica; Joan Indig, bass/lead vocals, combine their…

Sachem Quartet/Trio

Sachem Trio co-features jazz standards with focus on the blues, and includes Pamela Sklar's A Tune For America- Jazz-Native American inspired music for Flute, Bass & Drums, as well as ballads & other jazz-influenced music.


Creative programming and exciting musicianship have been winning Pamela Sklar and David Burgess repeated critical acclaim for their concerts. As a duo, Camerata has performed repeatedly at Lincoln Center in New York, and many concert halls throughout the Northeastern USA.


Pamela Sklar, flute, bass flute, Native American flute and/or alto flute & piccolo; Laura Falzon, flute, alto flute and/or bass flute and piccolo.